What Is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Pure water cleaning is a method for cleaning windows that simultaneously gets the best results with least risk. You may have seen window cleaners doing something similar to the image above; that is pure water cleaning. Here’s how it works.

What is Pure Water Window Cleaning and even Pure Water?

The water leaving the end of the pole may look like ordinary tap water, buts its actually far from it. In addition to Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O), tap water also contains minerals. For drinking purposes the abundance of minerals is okay, however, when it comes to cleaning, the likes of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in tap water remain when the water dries on the glass to leave unpleasant white spots. Average tap water is between 300-500ppm (parts per million).


water-purification-systemUsing technology developed by NASA and then adapted to other industries, tap water is forced at high pressure through a multi-stage filtration process, that could include sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis membranes and a deionising resin that eventually takes water back to its purest state, meaning it is literally H2O and just that, 0ppm laboratory grade water.




Agitating Window with Pure WaterOnce purified the water is ready to be used to clean. However, even the scrubbing has a little science behind it. The first step is to agitate the window, using brushes designed specifically for the task. By scrubbing the windows debris is loosened from the glass and frames. The pure water fired from the jets in the brush then attracts the loose dirt due to the loss of ions in the filtration process.



Rinse Window with Pure WaterThe windows are then thoroughly rinsed, washing off the dirt solution leaving nothing but pure water on the window. The pure water is then left to dry leaving a crystal clear finish within minutes. The same applies to the sills and frames meaning the whole window is cleaned.