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We stand behind our work 100%
Window Cleaning Satisfaction Guaranteed

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At Diamond Bright Cleaning we want to give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After each cleaning, we look over the whole job, but we do make mistakes, and this guarantee is there for those instances. You need to be confident that you are getting what you pay for. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, call us and we will be there at your door to fix or repair the mistake we made.

Rain guarantee

Introduction To Our Rain Guarantee

Window Cleaning GuaranteeWhilst most customers and clients are fine with us working in wet conditions we understand that there are some who will understandably be sceptical about the results of us cleaning in the rain, which we fully appreciate. In this section we aim to cover exactly why cleaning in the rain has no bearing on the results delivered, and at the bottom of the page why we offer the Rain Guarantee. Please read this section thoroughly to understand why we clean in the rain and why the results will not be effected beforehand though.

Trying To Ensure A Regular Reliable Service

One of the key reasons for using a pure water system to clean is that of reliability. At Diamond Bright Cleaning we understand that providing a regular and reliable cleaning service is important. British weather is unpredictable, and as a result, rain affects window cleaning companies who use ladders a great deal because of the safety aspects involved. At Diamond Bright Cleaning we noticed before switching over to the pure water system that many working days (especially from October – March) were lost due to the rain.

Being a company with many customers and clients this not only affected the reliability of the service we could provide but the results –  even if the rain came after we had cleaned them. This lead to some cleans being missed that cycle and made it difficult being able to let anyone know when we would be due without any degree of accuracy. The pure water system has changed all that.

Why Diamond Bright Cleaning CAN Clean In The Rain!

Whilst we know you appreciate the need for working under safe conditions the actual key service is clean windows.

Using a window cleaning chemical such as GG4, Ungers, or Fairy Liquid as a cleaning agent removes surface dirt……but does it leave the window sterile? The simple answer is no….but why?

Cleaning with a window cleaning solutions leaves a film over the windows, this becomes sticky and will attract dirt quicker over the comes days and weeks. With pure water, this is not the case, as the glass is left sterile. Pure water is exactly that….pure, it has no dissolvable solids –  these are the minerals (chloride, fluoride, calcium etc.) that are in tap water, the stuff which leaves the white marks you commonly see when doing the washing up. Tap water in Hampshire and the neighbouring counties have a TDS reading of 300 plus some of the hardest water in the country because of the level of minerals in it.

The water we use to clean your windows with is pure –  000 TDS (total dissolvable solids), rainwater typically has a reading of 010 TDS. But what does this mean? Simply put it means that after the windows have been cleaned, the rain that continues to fall leaves no marks on the window because the TDS mineral content is low. In actual fact because the rainwater has such a slow TDS reading it operates like the pure water we use in the [pure water system] (click this link after reading if you want to understand why pure water actually cleans).

Many people think that rainwater leaves dirt on the windows, however, all the rainwater is trying to do is remove dirt. The reason people think rainwater is dirty is that as the days and weeks go by the dirt is evenly distributed across the surface of the glass, as a result, we tend not to notice it as much. When it rains the dirt becomes dislodged by the raindrops when the windows dry after the rainfall you see dirty marks more clearly because the dirt has been disrupted by the rain.

In conclusion, rainwater only looks to disrupt dirt from the windows, however as there is no dirt on the window anymore after being cleaned with pure water, the rainwater has nothing to attach itself to and simply runs off the glass. Further evidence to support this can be found in the case of snow (crystalised rain). Footwear and car tyres look brand new in the snow, that is because the snow is actually cleaning the surface it is coming into contact with because the friction that is involved through motion.

The Guarantee

Diamond Bright Cleaning are confident that working with the pure water system in the rain will not affect the quality of clean delivered. Therefore, we will return to clean your windows at no extra charge if any work undertaken in wet weather conditions that don’t produce the results you feel satisfied with.

We trust that the contents of this page have provided itself to giving you an understanding as to why we can clean in the rain, however, if you would like additional information please feel free to read our page on the [pure water system].